dimanche 16 août 2015

Ma collection de vernis / My nail polish collection

Here's a mini collection of my favourite nail polishes.
Voici une petite collection de mes vernis préférés.

                             Some nudes:

Grey and blue/lilac : 
Pistachio and blue: 
Mauve and violet:
Some pinks and light red:
Reds and vine (my favourite ones) perfect for automn :
Some more automnal colors: black, dark red/brownish and dark mauve <3 :
3 holiday/party nail polishes: 2 golds and a mauve with a lot of glitter :
1 base "peel off" (didn't tried yet) and 3 conditionners (Argan one is my favourite recently, from a polish brand Diadem):
And of course THE Top Coat Sèche Vite:

I hope you enjoyed this short post, maybe it gave you some inspiration ^^ 
I'm waiting for autumn and you? 

Kisses, Nat <3