lundi 12 novembre 2012

What about going to Shanghai ? ^^

So.... I have this crazy idea, thanks to Helena ^^, to go to China with AIESEC next Summer !
There is this program named  Discover China. So why not, right?
Of course, I'm more interested in Korea, but sadly there is no such program in Korea..
It's all about volunteering. For now I'm trying to learn more about it, so for more information just go to the link already mentioned if you are interested. :)

THIS IS SO EXCITING !!! But at the same time, when I see pictures of Shanghai..I'm afraid. We'll see.
I will be going there for about 8 weeks, but not alone (with Helena) so it's gonna be ok I hope..

I will be doing more posts about this trip/volunteering, now I just wanted to share this news with you guys.^^

Some photos of Shanghai that I found in the internet:

This all looks amazing but also overwhelming...

That's it for today ! Please comment :)

PS: as you can see this is my first post in English..I'm not perfect in this language but I will try. That's because I have friends who don't speak neither Polish or French, and I guess most of people understand English, at least my poor English. ^^ 

OK, BYE ! <3